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Modernizing Technology and Optimizing Resources Meet Encova

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The Challenge

Encova needed to modernize both its technology infrastructure and operations to better address the evolving needs of its agents and policyholders.

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The Solution

With InsuranceSuite and digital capabilities, Encova created a brand new commercial lines company, reinvented its personal lines business, and continues to innovate with a move to Guidewire Cloud.

Accomplishments That Count

Increase in new business sales in Q1 of 2021 vs. Q1 2020
Increase in new business sales in Q2 of 2021 vs. Q2 2020
Increase in new business sales in Q3 of 2021 vs. Q3 2020

The main driver of the project was to become relevant in the personal lines market again. When you look at the 2021 results, in the first quarter our new business sales were 32% over the prior year, in the second quarter they were up 168%, and in the third quarter they were up 228%.


Matt Wilcox, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Personal Lines

Encova Insurance

How Encova Engages, Innovates, And Grows Efficiently

Business Benefits

  • Created a new business operating model, commercial lines products, and organizational structure

  • Improved operational efficiency, flexibility, upgradeability, and productivity throughout the organization

  • Developed its first new personal lines product in only 18 months

  • Expanded products to price and underwrite business by introducing integrations with Guidewire’s partner ecosystem

The Story

Encova Insurance (formerly Motorists Insurance Group) strives to be the most trusted and responsive carrier in the independent agency system. To achieve its goals, the company ― a network of P&C, life insurance, and insurance brokerage companies and agents ― decided to modernize both its technology infrastructure and operations to better address the evolving needs of its agents and policyholders.

The modernization project began in 2017, the insurer leveraged an innovative greenfield startup approach to deliver business and IT benefits with its transformational program, using Guidewire InsuranceSuite and digital capabilities. With Guidewire and other vendor technologies, it was able to create a brand-new commercial lines company.

Encova Insurance: Digital for Commercial Lines

Following that, Encova began looking at its personal lines book of business.

We actually considered exiting the market in personal lines because our products and services had become so antiquated and we were no longer competitive. During that time in which we had put all our focus on commercial lines, we fell even further behind in personal lines.


John Kessler, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Encova Insurance

Encova decided to take the risk and move forward with transforming its personal lines. Development began in 2019. It took only 18 months to launch Encova’s first product on the new personal lines platform.

Reinventing Personal Lines - Encova Insurance
Reinventing Personal Lines - Encova Insurance takes a greenfield approach to reinvent its personal lines business after considering whether to leave the market.

“We knew we had the infrastructure in place from an operational, organizational, financial, technology, and administrative perspective,” said Kessler.

As part of the transformation, Encova introduced a number of integrations because it expanded the number of products to price and underwrite.

Encova leadership credits Guidewire’s ecosystem for the success.

“This was a very collaborative effort across the entire spectrum of the organization,” said Matt Wilcox, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Personal Lines. “With the increased number of integrations, we certainly had to take advantage of the Guidewire accelerators. Integrations in the previous world would have been impossible for us because we had six different legacy systems as opposed to one platform.”

Since launching, Encova’s new business sales have increased. The straight-through-processing rate climbed.

Empowering Independent Agents - Encova Insurance
Empowering Independent Agents - Encova Insurance leverages Guidewire Digital to better empower independent agents.

By implementing digital capabilities and rebranding the agent portal as Encova Edge, the insurer was able to roll out a variety of features and functionality to agents that were not possible before. With CustomerEngage, Encova was able to deliver a state-of-the-art digital service for policyholders for all lines to enable access to policy information, billing history, claims, FNOL, and documents.

Among the many benefits afforded Encova, InsuranceSuite has enabled the company to standardize underwriting, policy administration, billing, and claims management on a cohesive technology platform. Further, Encova can develop and execute best practices to deliver high levels of service to its independent agents and customers by empowering them with digital self-service claims, policy servicing, and quoting capabilities.

As Encova has continued to grow with Guidewire, it saw a need to expand the relationship even further. In 2024, the insurer announced it was moving to InsuranceSuite on Guidewire Cloud.

We selected Guidewire Cloud because it serves our ongoing digital transformation journey.


Casey Jordan, Vice President of Information Technology Application Services

Encova Insurance

Jordan added, “By leveraging InsuranceSuite on Guidewire Cloud, we will be able to shift system maintenance to Guidewire, so we can stay current on the latest innovations and decrease our own on-premise technology infrastructure footprint, enabling our IT staff to focus on tasks that deliver value to our agents and policyholders." "We will also be able to manage risk by maturing our business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.”

Guidewire products that made it possible

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