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Growing Product Portfolio and Customer Base Meet Alberta Motor Association

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The Challenge

Alberta Motor (AMA) needed a technology stack that would help it stay current and keep pace with digital advancements to enhance customer experience, allow it to be agile, and future-proof its operations.

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The Solution

AMA successfully migrated to InsuranceSuite on Guidewire Cloud, which has positioned the insurer to stay ahead of the curve, meet digital and customer experience expectations, and remain agile.

We want to be in a position where we can always say we are ahead of the curve. We want to be on a platform that can move with us wherever we need to go and be flexible and dynamic.


Collin Moody, Chief Transformation Officer

Alberta Motor Association

How Alberta Motor Association Engages, Innovates, And Grows Efficiently

Business Benefits

  • Increased speed-to-market for new product offerings

  • Positioned to deploy a new usage-based insurance solution

  • Diversified portfolio of products

The Story

Formed in 1926, Alberta Motor Association (AMA) was established to make things better for motorists, lobbying for safer roads and lower fuel taxes.  Now one of the largest membership organizations in Alberta, AMA offers a variety of products and services to help its nearly one million members protect the things they care about most.  In 1962, AMA launched its insurance program and in 2016, it became a Guidewire InsuranceSuite, DataHub, InfoCenter, and CustomerEngage customer.

In recent years, AMA Insurance began facing demands from its insurance base to remain current. To stay on pace with member expectations, AMA decided to take its technology stack to the next level and subscribe to InsuranceSuite on Guidewire Cloud.

“Teaming up with Guidewire and our sister club in Ontario, CAA South Central Ontario, in 2016 got us on the right foundation,” says Collin Moody, Chief Transformation Officer. “We started to recognize that we were beginning to outpace some of the current platform capabilities and we saw that the cloud was where all the advancements were happening and the investment going.”

The main drivers for AMA’s decision to migrate to Guidewire Cloud are to be on a platform that positions the insurer for future success, to keep up with digital and customer experience expectations, and to be current and agile. 

“We wanted to be in a position where we could always say we are ahead of the curve,” noted Moody. “We wanted to be on a platform that would move with us wherever we need to go and be flexible and dynamic.”

In January 2023, AMA Insurance went live with InsuranceSuite on Guidewire Cloud for all lines of business in both personal and commercial products.

The migration went smoothly, and the excitement around capabilities is top of mind.

We are looking forward to taking advantage of the information that comes from Explore and Predict. In addition, one of our major initiatives is usage-based insurance, and we are going to leverage the out-of-the-box UBI solution provided by Guidewire.


Matt Gillespie, Associate Vice President of IT

Alberta Motor Association

The UBI solution, building an entire digital self-service program, and creating an online platform for customers to purchase automotive coverage are all factors playing a role in an increase in speed-to-market.

Looking ahead, AMA says it will take full advantage of what the Guidewire Cloud Platform has to offer and expects it to help the insurer grow.

“Advancing our digital roadmap is a critical element, and we are starting to diversify our portfolio of products,” noted Moody. “This also gives us an opportunity to attract more customers from our organization’s membership base, as we see the ability to identify unique opportunities and being able to position certain products is a huge advantage.”

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