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Core digital automation fuels flexibility

  • Reduced adjuster training time from several weeks (for multiple systems) to 2 or 3 days

  • Replaced existing manual processes with digital automation to enable flexibility and faster reactions to future changes in the marketplace

Digitizing our workflow with Guidewire puts FCCI in a position to proactively adapt to a changing marketplace, accelerate and improve decision-making, and ultimately enhance how quickly we respond to customers.

William Speaker

Senior Vice President of
Corporate Underwriting

How FCCI Insurance Group engages, innovates, and grows efficiently

FCCI Insurance Group (FCCI) began operations in Sarasota, Florida, in 1959 as a workers' compensation self-insurance fund. Today, FCCI is a leading commercial P&C provider throughout the Southeast and Midwestern states, writing more than $450 million in premium in multiple lines of business.

FCCI knows that its ongoing and future success depends on its ability to evolve with the industry and address new customer and user demands as they emerge.

About FCCI Insurance Group

Headquarters: Sarasota, Florida
Operations: Southeast, Midwest United States
Business Lines: Commercial, Workers’ Compensation

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