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The Challenge

FCCI needed to modernize and transform both its claims and billing organizations but did not want to manage multiple centers from different vendors.

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The Solution

Going live with both ClaimCenter and BillingCenter on Guidewire Cloud helped streamline support through Guidewire and has enabled the insurer to be more agile, maximize efficiency, and accelerate growth.

Accomplishments That Count

2-3 days
For adjuster training instead of several weeks
Modern claims system to replace three legacy systems

Implementing Guidewire Cloud has enabled us to modernize and transform our claims organization. We look forward to becoming more agile, maximizing efficiency, and accelerating our growth.


Dave Patel, EVP, Chief Information Officer

FCCI Insurance Group

How FCCI Engages, Innovates, And Grows Efficiently

Business Benefits

  • Introduced more transparent and easy-to-read commission and agency billing statements

  • Offered earlier receipt of commission payments

  • Enhanced bill installment schedule

  • Reduced adjuster training time from several weeks (for multiple systems) to 2 or 3 days

  • Replaced existing manual processes with digital automation to enable flexibility and faster reactions to future changes in the marketplace

The Story

In 1959, FCCI Insurance Group (FCCI) began operations as a workers' compensation self-insurance fund in Sarasota, Florida. Today, FCCI is a super-regional commercial property and casualty insurance provider in 20 states, plus Washington, D.C., and contract surety in 45 states.

FCCI has always known that its ongoing and future success depends on its ability to evolve with the industry and address new customer and user demands as they emerge. In 2008, FCCI became a ClaimCenter customer when it sought a single, modern claims system to replace its three legacy systems and gain the functionality and flexibility to support end-to-end claims processing for all lines of business. The project involved 12 key integration points between Guidewire ClaimCenter and internal FCCI processes and systems, including policy administration, document management, check printing, and the data warehouse, as well as integration between FCCI and external business partners such as ISO and select preferred vendors.

Consolidating the FCCI operation into Guidewire’s single claims handling system enabled improved claim adjusting efficiency, consistency, accuracy, and speed, which benefit FCCI’s adjusters, independent agents and policyholders.

In 2021, FCCI knew it needed to take the next step that would enable it to stay current on Guidewire’s latest technology and innovations. The insurer decided to migrate ClaimCenter to Guidewire Cloud and implement BillingCenter on Guidewire Cloud

EVP, Chief Information Officer Dave Patel said, “As part of the transition from self-managed to Guidewire Cloud, we selected BillingCenter so we wouldn’t have to manage two core systems from different vendors.” Patel added, “We had customized our previous billing system quite a bit, so this will help streamline support through Guidewire.”

In 2023, FCCI went live with ClaimCenter on Guidewire Cloud, and in early 2024, it rolled out BillingCenter on Guidewire Cloud. 

Patel said, “Implementing Guidewire Cloud has enabled us to modernize and transform our claims organization.” 

Guidewire BillingCenter will greatly benefit our agents and policyholders with, for example, the introduction of more transparent and easy-to-read commission and agency billing statements, earlier receipt of commission payments, an enhanced bill installment schedule, and an improved customer billing platform.


Chris Shoucair, EVP, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

FCCI Insurance Group

FCCI knew the move would enable the company to become more agile, maximize efficiency, and accelerate growth. Beyond the immediate benefits, FCCI is also leveraging the best-in-class insurtech solutions through the Guidewire Marketplace and PartnerConnect to augment business processes and accelerate time-to-market.

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