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Welcome to “Smart Approach”, Guidewire’s blog for property/casualty insurance. We are honored to have helped insurers around the world replace their legacy core systems and transform their businesses. We’ve learned a lot -- from more than 140 implementations; from our customers and our partners; from our successes and our mistakes. Our goal with “Smart Approach” is to leverage that experience, to share our point of view on business and technology trends and our advice to readers who are using technology to transform their businesses. My commitment to you is that we will not use this forum to try to “sell” you our products. Rather we hope you find the blog to be useful.

Over time, you’ll be hearing from a number of Guidewire bloggers. We encourage your participation. Please submit comments, ask questions or suggest topics. We’re planning to have guest bloggers from time to time, so please reach out to us at this link if you are interested in doing this.

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