Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution Alliance Ecosystem Celebrates 100 Partner Milestone

Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution Alliance Ecosystem Celebrates 100 Partner Milestone

Becky Mattick

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It was with great excitement that we recently announced the Guidewire Solution Partner ecosystem has now reached 100 partners! We’re very proud of this achievement and thankful that each of these partners has joined with Guidewire to serve our P&C industry customers. The achievement of this milestone is a testament to the shared and ongoing commitment of Guidewire and our Solution partners to empower insurers to unlock innovation within their organizations while growing their businesses efficiently.

For those who may be unfamiliar with our PartnerConnect Solution ecosystem, each of these companies is selected to join our program in order to develop a pre-built integration of their solution with the Guidewire platform. Since its inception in 2013, the PartnerConnect Solution Program has continued to provide insurers easy access to a comprehensive, curated ecosystem of apps from established players as well as the latest solutions from insurtech companies. The integrations are validated for security, quality, and compatibility with Guidewire and published in the Guidewire Marketplace for our customers. In this way, we help insurers in their ongoing efforts to innovate and grow efficiently.  

We’ve created an unrivaled ecosystem, not only in number but also in quality, breadth, and value. Within the past year, 13 partners have achieved milestones and have been promoted to a higher tier, reflecting their market traction and dedication to serving our joint customers. We focus on engaging a broad set of insurance technology solutions, across underwriting and risk, as well as through insurance billing systems and claims solutions. Recently, we expanded our coverage and added solutions for InsuranceNow to the Marketplace.

Because input from customers is a critical element in helping us stay attuned to the ever-changing technology landscape, we always welcome your suggestions. You can contact us by leaving input at We also invite you to subscribe to the Marketplace Newsletter to continue receiving updates about our ecosystem, new Marketplace apps. and innovations across the insurtech landscape.