Underwriting Solutions

Underwriting Solutions

Enhancing the art and science of underwriting

Improve underwriting outcomes with analytical solutions from Guidewire



Quote good risks and decline bad ones

Use third-party data to reveal relevant information about a property or business. Use analytics to predict risk factors that will degrade loss ratios.

  • Improve the quality of your book of business by proactively selecting good risks and reducing adverse selection

  • Leverage the most comprehensive P&C risk data set with 1400+ risk factors

  • Surface hidden, non-obvious details about risks

"We call HazardHub’s data often. When we call them early in the process, it allows us to get a more accurate and more complete acceptability decision on the customer much earlier.”

Sean Harper
KIN Insurance

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Make Informed Decisions

Streamline underwriting processes with automation

Increase straight-through processing rate with automation. Rapidly build, deploy, and monitor predictive models.

  • Deliver predictive guidance to your underwriters with relevant, highly curated data and analytics

  • Embed real-time predictive insights into workflows with code-less configuration

  • Track your performance in real time with A/B testing, model drift monitoring, and robust business intelligence tools

"The Embedded Analytics Framework is easy to use and abstracts all the details between PolicyCenter and the SAS models. Without the framework, we would have to translate the models into Gosu code.”

Mike Curchin
Associate Vice President
The Co-operators

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Get Valuable Risk Scores in Seconds - product-image-hazardhub-homeowners

Set price to true exposure, every time

Capture new business by quoting, declining, and pricing automatically.

  • Improve rating sophistication with purpose-built, data-driven predictive analytics

  • Augment traditional GLM/GAM pricing techniques with cutting-edge modeling techniques

  • Maximize the predictive power of your actuarial models without compromising transparency or compliance

"Predict models have helped us shift toward adequately priced business and are starting to improve the quality of our auto and home book. In fact, the models are suggesting room for further rating improvements.”

Brian Poole
Director and Chief Actuary
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

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Improve Underwriting Profitability - product-image-predict-improve-underwriting-profitability

Retain profitable customers

Use data and analytics to underwrite continuously.

  • Reduce churn risk by engaging with your customers at the right time throughout the policy lifecycle

  • Price and segment risk granularly to maximize customer lifetime value (CLTV)

  • Elevate the customer experience with omnichannel service

"We are seeing credible improvements in new business conversion and premium growth, while reducing our loss ratio and keeping retention steady. We plan to implement similar new rating plans to improve our pricing accuracy for other lines of business.”

Robert Bornhorst
Chief Underwriting Officer
Buckeye Insurance Group

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Run data-driven marketing campaigns

Identify profitable customer segments and new markets to target.

  • Leverage the operational and portfolio intelligence of your company to identify credible market and customer segments

  • Focus on quality rather than quantity to avoid a race to the bottom

  • Maximize the predictive power of your actuarial models without compromising transparency or compliance

"The Marketing team’s request to develop a guide to help find areas for profitable growth, then marry that data with agency appointment strategies, was a clear example of how the entire organization fully appreciates the power of advanced analytics to inform better decision-making.”

Vincent Franz
Former Senior Vice President – Chief Operating Officer
Celina Insurance Group

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