Flaine: Guidewire’s Newest Release Powers Speed and Agility

Flaine: Guidewire’s Newest Release Powers Speed and Agility

Phil Iaccarino

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Your heart rate starts to elevate as you stand at the starting gate. Leaning into your skis, with your eyes fixated on the slope ahead, you start to visualize your line. You’ve been down this run countless times before, but this time is different, this time it counts. The sweat in your gloves is familiar and comforting as you tighten your grip on the poles. The start beeps sound, and your heart rate intensifies. You take in one last deep breath of cold mountain air, drive your poles into the ground, extend forward through the gate, and launch yourself down the run….

How the rest of this story unfolds depends on many things, two of those being how much speed you were able to generate and how agile you were on your skis. Being fast down the mountain is important, but most often, the winners are those who were fast and agile enough to quickly adapt to the unexpected challenges of the terrain. This combination of speed and agility separates the good skiers from the best in the world.

A parallel can be drawn to property and casualty (P&C) insurers. Speed across the insurance lifecycle is essential to the business. From defining and launching a new insurance product, to getting new business underwritten, to adjudicating a claim, speed can make a significant difference to the bottom line.


Insurers also need their business to be agile. Insurance is complex and can be further complicated by constant and sometimes unexpected challenges. Increasing climate risk, heightened customer expectations, new distribution models, emerging cyber risk, and inflation are all examples of challenges insurers face today. The most successful insurers are those who can quickly adapt and respond to these challenges, while continuing to operate with speed in all aspects of their business.

This is why we are excited to announce the arrival of Flaine, Guidewire’s sixth cloud release in less than three years. New platform, applications, and content updates in Flaine increase speed and improve agility for P&C insurers across the complete insurance lifecycle. Let’s review three highlights.

With Flaine, lengthy upgrades become a thing of the past. Automated release updates significantly reduce the time it takes to adopt the latest cloud release, by automating the software update process. Essentially, long upgrades become quick updates, making it easier to stay current with the latest capabilities available and ensures your business is best prepared to adapt to whatever challenge comes next.

Jutro Digital Platform (Jutro), offered on an early adopter basis with Flaine, provides the flexibility to create any experience for any user and any line of business. Jutro is a digital development platform built for P&C that offers a range of design-and -build options and is integrated to InsuranceSuite. This integration makes things like launching or updating a new product faster. For instance, a coverage change made in Advanced Product Designer (APD) is immediately available in all of your digital experiences.

Flaine also introduces community-powered machine learning to fuel smarter decision making and automation. Anonymized Guidewire Cloud customer data (contributed on an opt-in basis) is combined with external data and fed into Guidewire machine learning models to generate predictive scores for different use cases. These scores are embedded directly into InsuranceSuite underwriting and claims workflows, enabling your teams to make better decisions faster. Data then gets fed back into the community, resulting in a continuous cycle of learning, turning your core system of record into a system of insight.

To learn more, I invite you to explore our Release Highlights, visit our landing page, or read our press release . You can also catch our Connections keynote on demand.