Get to Market Faster Than Ever with Guidewire GO Products

Get to Market Faster Than Ever with Guidewire GO Products

Nicole Mongillo

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Insurers face a seemingly unlimited number of new risks and ways to cover them. Pressure is ever-increasing to design products that policyholders want and get them to market efficiently.

Sometimes even the best software in the world isn’t enough to get new products to market at the rate risks are emerging. Starting from a blank sheet of paper when the market is clamoring for coverage is daunting, time consuming, and ultimately frustrating. But what if that sheet of paper didn’t have to be blank?

In just about any endeavor, it’s easier to be efficient when you have a trusted baseline to start from. And that’s exactly what we recently announced with our new Guidewire GO Products: collections of basic line-of-business content that help you jump-start the design process.

Recognizing insurers’ need for speed in developing new products, the Guidewire team introduced Advanced Product Designer in PolicyCenter in 2019. Now we’ve decided to concentrate the full force of Guidewire’s R&D efforts on the challenge of improving speed-to-market even further. To create Guidewire GO, we built on the innovation of Advanced Product Designer, the proven reliability of SurePath, the completeness of InsuranceNow GO and LocalConnect, and more.

So what is a Guidewire GO Product? Well, there are more than 30 of them, and more are on the way. They’re prepackaged collections of line-of-business content available to download from the Guidewire Marketplace. A GO Product can be anything from a mind map to a full Standards Based Templates line. We also leveraged Guidewire’s partnership with Verisk ISO to provide ISO/NCCI commercial content for the U.S. market… plus much more.

Once downloaded and imported into PolicyCenter or InsuranceNow, GO Products ensure that your product launch team starts with a Guidewire-approved and tested baseline for your new product — instead of that proverbial blank sheet of paper. GO Products are built from a base of successful Guidewire projects and tested by Guidewire before being made available. They make go-lives even faster than using Advanced Product Designer on its own.

We have big plans for the Guidewire GO program, including helping you get new products up and running in weeks or even days. We want you to GO seize your market share while watching your competitors return to the drawing board because you got to market first!

To check it out for yourself, discover Guidewire GO Products in the Marketplace and start designing your next innovations today.