Aspen 2020.1H Changes Everything

Aspen 2020.1H Changes Everything

Diego Devalle

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Since I joined Guidewire in 2018, the Products and Engineering team has focused on pivoting Guidewire to think and execute cloud-first. As a result, the first Aspen release is an enormous milestone for our customers and the P&C industry—as well as for Guidewire—in terms of both execution and product innovation. We’re proud to announce that Aspen 2020.1H is:

  • The first cloud-optimized release of InsuranceSuite

  • The first release of InsuranceSuite in a new twice-yearly release cadence

  • The first release with multitenant, cloud-native services such as rules and rating

  • A reimagination of InsuranceSuite as a platform that brings together core, digital, and analytics to meet growing customer expectations and to ensure that it solves customers’ business problems holistically

Aspen highlights include capabilities that span the platform, enabling insurers to:

  • Deliver on the policy vision from Connections 2019 to accelerate product launch with Advanced Product Designer (APD) in PolicyCenter

  • Leverage a new Digital Framework to autogenerate digital experiences from PolicyCenter metadata created by APD

  • Integrate ClaimCenter with Guidewire for Salesforce to enable FNOL handling and provide a 360° view of the customer

  • Gain real-time visibility and insight with embedded analytics, such as optimizing claims and improving underwriting profitability with Predictive Analytics

  • Automate underwriting with advanced pricing decisions embedded in PolicyCenter with Cyence Risk Insights Starter Kit

  • Utilize the transformational new Guidewire Data Platform with Cloud Data Access to give customers secure, near real-time access to all their InsuranceSuite transactional data

  • Reduce IT complexity with Guidewire Cloud, and also improve IT visibility and streamline operations with Guidewire Cloud Console, which enables insurers to spin up new environments and monitor existing deployments

  • Optimize and grow efficiently with InsuranceNow by leveraging new analytic insights with embedded reports and dashboards

Aspen is only the beginning. This release lays the foundation for improvement and future innovations, which will continue in Banff, Cortina, and beyond. We’re now starting to deliver a new generation of products by leveraging more and more cloud services in our architecture. Going forward, this will enable us to provide greater flexibility and business value to our customers at six-month intervals.

Please join us at a live launch event on Tuesday, June 16, starting at 8:00 am PDT. You can register here. (Content will be available through the end of June.)