Banff Raises the Bar – Again

Banff Raises the Bar – Again

Diego Devalle

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I’m excited that the ski season is about to start where my family and I live in Northern California. I’m even more excited we’ve arrived at Banff, the second release in Guidewire’s bi-annual release cadence! In June we released Aspen, the most important release in Guidewire’s history, where we introduced Guidewire Cloud Platform and reimagined core platforms.

Banff builds on that momentum and raises the bar—again. We’ve expanded the scale and scope of automation capabilities in Guidewire Cloud Platform; activated Guidewire Data Platform to enable a closed-loop approach to P&C analytics; introduced the new CloudDirect program to help self-managed InsuranceSuite customers upgrade directly to Guidewire Cloud; and delivered more and more cloud services while further enhancing capabilities like autogenerating digital APIs and experiences from metadata.

In addition to unveiling Banff at Connections Reimagined, we’re also excited to outline our vision for P&C claims. Over the last year, we’ve worked with a group of customers to explore some big questions. What if claims professionals could apply their skills and experience on the work that truly matters the most for customers? What if the new baseline for claims handling was automated claims, and the exception was adjuster-led claims—even for complex claims? This would lead to a faster, better experience for customers and make claims handling more efficient. Our innovation to make it happen, called Autopilot, promises to be a game-changer for the industry. Stay tuned for a blog in this series with details around our Autopilot vision.

Returning to Banff... Much like a good ski run, you can’t experience everything in just one pass. Here are some additional capabilities in Banff that you’ll hear about at Connections:

  • Improve IT agility with automation enhancements to Guidewire Cloud. For example, building and provisioning new environments is reduced from 20 days to a few minutes. Additionally, centralized logging, monitoring, tracing, and alerts improve observability and make monitoring more efficient.

  • Augment and support your enterprise-wide data strategy with Guidewire Data Platform, now generally available worldwide for all Guidewire Cloud customers. Cloud Data Access, also generally available worldwide, provides secure access to all raw (un-curated) Guidewire InsuranceSuite data, including all intra-daily changes at a low latency.

  • Operationalize multiple analytics use cases into PolicyCenter and ClaimCenter in hours with the Embedded Analytics Framework that’s now available out-of-the-box for Guidewire Cloud customers.

  • Accelerate digital application deployment from months to weeks with autogeneration of digital APIs and UI directly from APD product model metadata combined with Jutro, Guidewire’s design system and UI framework for low-code UI development.

  • Empower the developer community at, a hub where developers can engage and learn about the Guidewire platform and inspire innovation.

  • Grow a profitable general liability book for small business by leveraging behavioral, social, and environmental signals with the Cyence for Small Business General Liability API.

I invite you to read more in our press release and, for an even closer look, attend Connections Reimagined on Wednesday, November 18, and Thursday, November 19. You can register here. We also have a series of Banff blogs planned over the next two weeks. Be sure to bookmark and check them out!