Cortina. Cloud Faster.

Cortina. Cloud Faster.

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My love of skiing has officially become part of Guidewire’s culture. What started as a fun way to name our cloud releases is now meaningful for customers and Guidewire alike.

Cortina is our third cloud release in the past year, and it’s special for me because this iconic ski resort is in Italy, my home country. It’s my dream come true to pack up and go ski at a new resort every six months. And at Guidewire, we’re skiing faster, taking tighter turns, and making bigger jumps — all in service of delivering a platform that will help our customers achieve faster business innovation.

Cortina enables business innovation with many new application, data, and cloud platform enhancements. This includes integration services that provide a low-code interface for publishing business events, new streaming APIs for downstream systems to consume those events, and an Integration Gateway to help developers orchestrate their Guidewire APIs to external systems. Combined, these capabilities reduce the time, cost, and complexity of integration while enabling greater adoption of insurtech offerings that we make available through the Guidewire Marketplace.

We continue to improve the developer experience, which enables shorter development cycles, faster time-to-market, and ultimately happier business users. We’re also enhancing closed-loop analytics with two holistic end-to-end solutions: Initial Segmentation for Auto/Motor Claims in ClaimCenter and Underwriting Submission Prioritization for Business Owners Policy (BOP) in PolicyCenter.

Here are some additional new capabilities in Cortina:

  • Guidewire Cloud Console: Enhanced tooling enables developer self-service with automated provisioning and deployment. And there’s additional support for database backups and restores.

  • InsuranceNow on Guidewire Cloud Platform: InsuranceNow customers can now benefit from Guidewire Cloud Platform investments, including support for dynamic scaling and self-healing for improved performance and availability.

  • Dependent Coverages in Advanced Product Designer: Product modelers can now design complex coverage relationships in a low-code way while supporting multiple levels of dependency.

  • Data Studio*: A service of Guidewire Data Platform to access, create, manage, and publish business-ready data sets, empowering insurers to immediately access their data instead of having to work on expensive IT projects that can take months.

I invite you to read more on our landing page and in our press release. For an even closer look, register to attend Connections Reimagined today, Tuesday, May 11, and Wednesday, May 12. We also have a series of Cortina blogs planned over the next several weeks. Be sure to bookmark and check them out!

* Product feature available for Early Access customers only