Streamline Your Developer Experience with Elysian

Streamline Your Developer Experience with Elysian

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With our Elysian release, we continue our commitment to deliver the best cloud platform for the P&C industry. Fundamental to that commitment is our aim to provide the best developer experience.

More than 7,000 customer and partner developers work with Guidewire products, and I’d like to share three examples of how Elysian enables developers to be more efficient, collaborate with other teams to deploy faster, and tap into the world’s largest P&C ecosystem to deliver greater value and innovation to insurers and their customers.

Increase Efficiency with Expanded API


As of today, Guidewire has 400+ RESTful Cloud APIs and 200+ Edge APIs available for digital apps and development. With Elysian, we added to that list of APIs, including the first set of Cloud API endpoints for BillingCenter, the ability to batch multiple requests in ClaimCenter and PolicyCenter with our Composite API, and several other functionalities within the InsuranceSuite Cloud API.

In Elysian, we’ve been comprehensive in our effort to continue providing open and extensible APIs to all the core business functions that work with standard development tools. We’ve made it possible for developers to generate custom InsuranceSuite Cloud API endpoints, further automate development with public deployment APIs via Guidewire Cloud Console, use an expanded InsuranceNow API to further enable third-party digital capabilities, and even use embedded APIs to launch an end-to-end travel insurance solution in just 12 weeks.

As we look ahead to future releases, we'll continue to provide even greater flexibility with our APIs, enabling developers to reduce complexity and streamline development.

Deploy Faster with Business-Friendly, Collaborative Tooling

Advanced Product Designer (APD) and Jutro are two areas where we continue to invest in tooling that enables developers to collaborate better across the business, resulting in faster deployments and more compelling digital experiences.


Developers can leverage APD to achieve better alignment with business users during the Inception phase of projects. APD then drives code generation and automates the creation of other key artifacts, dramatically accelerating development during the Implementation phase. With Elysian, PolicyCenter users can now use Advanced Product Designer functionality to take full advantage of current and future cloud capabilities for their existing products and lines of business.

Jutro makes it easier for designers and developers to work together to create compelling digital experiences. With Elysian, the Jutro pattern and component library is now available in Figma design software. This empowers designers to create unique themes and styles that reflect a company’s brand, while the updates we’ve made to component-level styling and P&C UI components help accelerate development and drastically reduce project implementation time.

Connect to the World’s Largest P&C Ecosystem with Integration Gateway

A truly game-changing aspect of Elysian is how easy it is to integrate with innovative solutions across the P&C ecosystem, adding value to insurance offerings and operations. Our Cloud Integration Framework includes a set of InsuranceSuite Cloud APIs, our Application Events service, and the enterprise-class Integration Gateway — which is now generally available with Elysian.


Integration Gateway is a cloud microservice that externalizes integration logic and orchestrates calls to and from InsuranceSuite and third-party applications. This enables customer and partner developers to build and deliver integrations faster and in a much more standardized way. Customers can easily integrate with 170+ Solution partner apps in the Guidewire Marketplace.

With every ski release, we'll continue to invest in providing the best experience possible so that developers can build and deliver truly innovative solutions in the P&C industry.

Want to learn more about how Elysian elevates the developer experience? You can watch our Elysian Release Highlights, check out Elysian Resources on our Developer site, or head over to Guidewire Documentation to read What’s New in Elysian.