New Features for GO Australia in Garmisch!

New Features for GO Australia in Garmisch!

James Couzens

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Welcome to Garmisch and the third release of the InsuranceSuite Package for Australia on Guidewire Cloud.

This release is interesting not just because we’ve added a number of new features to existing modules. But we’ve also spent time improving how we deliver GO market content. And there are plans for further improvements that we hope will make delivering GO market content to you as simple as the click of a button.

First, let’s talk about how InsuranceSuite and GO content will be delivered to you. Previously, you got the base system installation and then you would need to add the localisation pack. This process is now rolled into one, with InsuranceSuite plus localisation delivered in a single seamless step. This is available for both Australia and New Zealand, and with each new version, whenever we make improvements these get delivered to you with your update. For GO market content, we’ve reduced the time it takes to deliver new content to you by automating the provisioning steps. We expect this will follow the same path as InsuranceSuite, with progressive self-service and automation making initial installation and updates increasingly automated and under your control.

Now we come to some nice new features for our Goods and Services Tax (GST) and business lookup solutions. For GST, we added the ability to confirm the GST at lodgement. This makes it easier to confirm the details while you are talking to the insured, rather than when you see the warning at payment that it’s not set. We’ve also changed how Input Tax Credit (ITC) percentage is defaulted, allowing it to be configured by policy type, or included in the ability to pay rules to prevent payment until it’s set. But the coolest new feature, if you can say that about GST, is our new tax inclusive or exclusive invoice entry. While talking to customers we saw that invoices were often received tax exclusive, whereas ClaimCenter always used tax inclusive entry. Allowing you to choose invoice amounts as inclusive or exclusive of tax means no more offline tax calculations and rekeying into ClaimCenter. You can see from the image below that it handles the case of excess collected by the vendor nicely.


Company search was introduced for policy administration within PolicyCenter in Flaine. For Garmisch, Australian Business Number (ABN) search has been added to contact creation in ContactManager. Also in Garmisch, in recognition that you don’t always have a correct ABN, you can now search by company name in PolicyCenter using additional search criteria such as the name type and the state or postcode of the business location.


As always I’m happy to share my enthusiasm for our GO market content so please contact us if you want to learn more. And to learn more about Garmisch, please explore our Release Highlights, visit the landing page and read the press release.