North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association

North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association

Boosting claims effectiveness

  • 90% of 100,000 CAT claims closed with 60 days

  • Straight-through processing enabled faster response times

We did want a solution that’s run by the cloud, because we think it enables us to be able to scale better in terms of peak demand, and that’s critical for our business.

Gina Schwitzgebel-Hardy

General Manager
North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association

How North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association engages, innovates, and grows efficiently

As the frequency and costs of weather-related events rise, so do the needs of insurers and their policyholders. Case in point: Of the 374,000 coastal area customers they serve, North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association (NCJUA) had 100,000 policyholders impacted by 2018 Hurricane Florence, the largest event in the insurer’s history.

About North Carolina Joint Underwriting Association

Headquarters: Raleigh, North Carolina
Operations: North Carolina
Business Lines: Personal, Commercial



If you have limited IT resources, you need a core system that increases agility without adding complexity.

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