Performance That Makes a Statement: Simplify Claims with Unified Statement Management from Guidewire & n2uitive

Performance That Makes a Statement: Simplify Claims with Unified Statement Management from Guidewire & n2uitive

Laura Drabik

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n2uitive's n2record Accelerator for Guidewire ClaimCenter provides an integrated, cloud-based recorded statement claims solution that simplifies processes & reduces costs

Delivering calm, confident, and professional service to policyholders is crucial during the claims and interview process. But as someone who started her career as an adjuster, I can tell you from personal experience that taking recorded statements is tough enough. Struggling with unfamiliar recording methods almost certainly will make things worse. And once recorded, managing those statements can be tedious, time consuming, and expensive. In addition to having to retrieve recordings using different technologies, adjusters have to deal with the redundancies of entering, and re-entering information, ordering transcriptions, manually hunting down statements, and making sure they're always available in the claim file. Needless to say, having to re-record statements you've already taken is going to fray everybody's nerves—especially the policyholder's. But it no longer has to be that way. When powered by Guidewire, the n2record accelerator from n2uitive empowers insurers to maximize the utility and accessibility of recorded statements and replace multi-step, manual processes with one simple, unified digital workflow.



The n2record accelerator for ClaimCenter from n2uitive is a cloud-based recorded statement management platform for auto, home, and workers' compensation insurers. The n2record solution simplifies the recorded statement workflow by streamlining the recording, storing, sharing, indexing, and transcribing of claims statements all within ClaimCenter.

What is the value proposition?

Recorded statements are essential to claims management, but have been notoriously difficult to manage, access, and use as a strategic data asset. This isn't just a matter of sky-high customer expectations for a smooth interview process, either. In an industry hit with catastrophes, social inflation, and multi-billion dollar payouts, secure, reliable, easy-to-access statements can directly impact liability decisions and negotiations, enhance subrogation recovery, assist in fraud detection, and quickly and efficiently resolve claims.

Using n2record integrated to ClaimCenter, adjusters get a single, unified solution for carrying out the entire recorded statement workflow. They can initiate calls and statement recordings on-demand—and securely store, index, and archive those statements, as well as order transcripts with a single click. They can also synchronize statement details between ClaimCenter and n2record, as well as securely share and review statements with stakeholders – all without leaving ClaimCenter.

Adjusters can add an n2record recording line to an existing phone call directly from within ClaimCenter, and seamlessly synchronize claim and contact updates to the n2record system—eliminating the need for duplicative data entry across multiple systems.

The adjuster can initiate this process from a number of ClaimCenter locations commonly referenced during the recorded statement interview workflow, including the Summary screen, the Parties Involved screen, and the Activity Detail worksheet.

The adjuster simply clicks the n2 button next to the interviewee's name. This opens the n2record Statement worksheet.


The adjuster confirms the desired callback telephone number is selected and clicks the "Call Me" button on the worksheet to quickly initiate claims recordings directly from ClaimCenter. The worksheet automatically selects the most recently used telephone number by default, but the adjuster can select a different telephone number using the phone field dropdown list.


ClaimCenter sends the new interview request to the n2record API, along with the claim information, adjuster, policyholder, and interviewee contact data related to the call. The adjuster is authenticated by n2record and this association is stored by ClaimCenter for later use.

The n2record API automatically syncs statement details between ClaimCenter and n2record, eliminating the need to manually enter and re-enter claims information, and ensures a seamless transition between initiating calls and recordings in ClaimCenter, as well as searching, sharing, and requesting transcripts in the n2uitive platform.

Once interviews are completed, the digital audio files are securely stored in n2uitive to meet insurer-specific retention requirements, and filed with the associated claim number and information from ClaimCenter.

To access and listen to the audio files, a link to the n2uitive recording can be added to the Documents section of the claim file.


n2record tracks all actions associated with each recorded statement and provides real-time reporting capabilities—including the number of statements taken by a specific adjuster, average statement length, and transcription status. This insight helps insurers better understand overall statement activity and ensures claims organizations are managing claims to compliance guidelines.


Data and recordings collected through n2record are encrypted in motion and at rest, meaning that any recordings or claims files sent to other internal or third-party stakeholders are secure at all times. Additionally, secure archiving, credential, and access management measures ensure approved stakeholders see only the records they need to do their job.

What is the opportunity?

n2record's easy-to-use digital workflow manages the recording, storing, and indexing of claims statements and enables adjusters to find, share, and transcribe statements with ease. When integrated with Guidewire, n2record enables insurers to:

  • Take more consistent and accurate recorded statements

  • Replace multi-step, manual processes with one simple, fully digital process

  • Ensure data security with enterprise-grade security, reliability, and redundancy

  • Improve claim liability outcomes and negotiations, fraud detection, and subrogation recovery

  • Quickly and efficiently resolve claims to deliver an optimal customer experience

Want more detail?


Watch the video here to see a demonstration of how Guidewire integrated with n2record simplifies the claims recording process.