Ready for Guidewire

Validation program

The Ready for Guidewire program validates accelerators that are developed by Guidewire PartnerConnect™ Solution partners to help ease integration with Guidewire InsuranceSuite products. Ready for Guidewire accelerators have been rigorously reviewed by Guidewire and are validated to meet Guidewire's software design principles and quality criteria. Completed Ready for Guidewire accelerators are assigned a validation mark that includes specific version and product information. Guidewire accelerators are published on the Guidewire Marketplace, where they are available for download by Guidewire customers at no additional charge.

"The Ready for Guidewire program enables Guidewire and Hyland to work collaboratively—ensuring the OnBase accelerator adheres to the high standards that both of our organizations embrace. We have already installed the "OnBase for Guidewire" accelerator at multiple organizations. The experience gained through the Ready for Guidewire program has equipped Hyland to meet the needs of our mutual clients and align with the Guidewire implementation plan to ensure faultless installations."

Bill Priemer
President and Chief Executive Officer
Hyland, Creator of OnBase