Guidewire Live Analytics

A suite of analytic applications and services that drives smart business decisions

Guidewire Live Analytics™ leverages our P&C expertise along with our experience with insurance data to provide a suite of analytic applications and services that are designed to complement Guidewire core systems, Live Analytics leverages industry-specific, pre-built applications and models with advanced machine learning techniques to embed insights at the point of decision.

Guidewire Live Analytics Benefits

Enable smart business decisions
Live Analytics enables smart business decisions by embedding analytic insights at the point of decision to:

  • Provide real-time delivery of insights directly in Guidewire core systems
  • Leverage advanced machine learning throughout the insurance lifecycle
  • Improve claims and underwriting outcomes

Discover new opportunities
Live Analytics helps you discover new opportunities by:

  • Bringing together information creators and consumers to jointly solve business problems
  • Easily creating and sharing visualizations and models
  • Targeting new market opportunities and reacting more quickly to market changes

Achieve faster time-to-value
Live Analytics delivers rapid value for Guidewire core customers with:

  • Proven models and applications targeting specific business problems
  • Low- or no-cost deployments (instant-on)
  • Cloud-based delivery with continual upgrades

Guidewire Live Analytics Apps


Empower business users to explore their operational data in real time, search for and discover new insights, as well as visualize and collaborate to improve business effectiveness and accelerate decision-making.

Claim Canvas

Claim Canvas
Enable claims management and catastrophe response teams to geo-visualize claims and policy locations in the context of other internal and external data. Provide the insights that are needed to make better decisions quickly.


Take action based on current and comparable peer insurer benchmarks. Validate hunches and dispel myths. Receive instant property and casualty industry context for performance measures. 


Empower underwriters to make better decisions by automating the assessment of individual location-based risk. Bring together relevant data from internal and external sources. Apply company-specified algorithms to generate peril-based alerts. Present the evaluation results visually to underwriters for detailed interaction.