A New Era of Business Agility: Guidewire Cloud Platform

The Aspen release of Guidewire InsuranceSuite brings a new era of agility to P&C insurers, with solutions that empower business users, accelerate product launches, and enable digital transformation. These solutions will reduce your business’s dependence on IT, and Aspen will also help you reduce IT complexity—especially, with Guidewire Cloud Platform.

We built Guidewire Cloud Platform specifically with the needs of P&C insurers in mind. Building upon highly scalable and flexible cloud services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Guidewire provides proprietary tools to automate routine tasks and make them self-service, so your business can move much faster while providing excellent performance, availability, and security. When software developers need environments to work on a new project, they can now be created with a few clicks. When developers are done with their work, our Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline accelerates the time from when their work is complete to when it goes live.


What this means to your business is that IT projects will take a lot less time. You’ll be able to get new innovations to market faster. You’ll be able to get many more projects completed. Ultimately, you’ll be able to serve your customers better.

When you subscribe to Guidewire Cloud Platform, your window into all of your environments and applications is Guidewire Cloud Console. It is a cloud-native, multitenant service that’s always on.


Guidewire Cloud Console brings together common IT tasks, like IP whitelisting and key management.


Because Guidewire Cloud Console doesn’t affect business functionality, we’re able to update it every couple of weeks, and we provide clear documentation on new and updated functionality. It also has an easy-to-use search function, so it’s very self-service oriented, intuitive, and constantly improving.


I realize these are very specific, technical examples. But what they mean more broadly for your business is that Guidewire Cloud is going to streamline IT processes so your business can be much more agile.

To learn more about Guidewire Cloud, check out the great information available on our website and several videos available as part of the Aspen launch.

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