Capital Insurance Group

Product: PolicyCenter, BillingCenter, Add-on Modules, DataHub, InfoCenter, Guidewire Digital
Line of Business: Commercial, Personal
Region: Americas

Capital Insurance Group® (CIG), a provider of personal, home and auto insurance, has selected Guidewire BillingCenter™ to help oversee its billing operations, across all lines of business.

In an effort to update the technology platform supporting its billing operations and become more responsive to their agents and policyholders, CIG selected BillingCenter. The company sought to increase its flexibility, enable its business users to make modifications to payment plans, and more easily make system changes when needed. BillingCenter’s comprehensive functionality, configurability, ease of integration, and intuitive user interface also appealed to CIG.

In the past, when we wanted to make a change to our billing system, it became a time consuming and involved process due to the complexity of our system’s architecture. We are looking forward to being able to more easily make changes, and when we ultimately upgrade the system, we foresee the process going quickly and smoothly given BillingCenter’s highly configurable platform.
Rads Mydam, Chief Information Officer and Vice President, Information Technology, Capital Insurance Group
The seamless billing process and enhanced customer experience that BillingCenter will bring will positively affect our customer retention rate. From a new business perspective, BillingCenter will help us give potential customers, as well as new targeted segments, more billing options, letting them choose their payment schedule as well as how they receive and pay their bills.
Gray Tyndall, Chief Financial Officer, Capital Insurance Group

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