Product: PolicyCenter, ClaimCenter
Line of Business: Commercial
Region: Americas

CNA is the seventh largest commercial insurance writer and the thirteenth largest property and casualty company in the United States. CNA's insurance products include standard commercial lines, specialty lines, surety, marine, and other property and casualty coverages. CNA's services include risk management, information services, underwriting, risk control, and claims administration.

CNA is in production with Guidewire PolicyCenter™ and Guidewire ClaimCenter™. Guidewire PolicyCenter supports CNA’s end-to-end underwriting and policy administration process, including new policy applications, renewals, changes, cancellations, and reinstatements. Independent agents use PolicyCenter to enter new submissions and review status for their customers, aided by integration to existing agency management systems.

CNA began its Claims End Game Solutions initiative in 2002 to enhance its Claim operation. As a first step in this initiative, Guidewire ClaimCenter was selected as the new front-end claims system for this project. Factors contributing to the selection of ClaimCenter included its modern, Web-based architecture, intuitive user interface, and customizability through a business rules engine.

PolicyCenter is a key enabler of our efforts to deepen our agency relationships and to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our underwriting operations.
Former Chief Information Officer, , CNA
The collaboration of our Claim End-Game Solutions initiative and Guidewire ClaimCenter will provide us with capabilities to establish a leading industry position in claim processes as well as improve customer service.
Karl Gouverneur, Senior Vice-President, Solutions & Architecture, CNA Property & Casualty Operations, CNA

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