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Product: ClaimCenter
Line of Business: Commercial, Personal
Region: EMEA
  • Zurich Japan
  • Zurich Switzerland
  • Zurich UK

Zurich Japan 

Zurich Japan, the third largest foreign general insurer in Japan, is currently implementing Guidewire ClaimCenter to process its auto claims, with plans to extend it to other lines of business in subsequent phases. 

Reflecting the increasing complexity of claims, the growing needs and expectations of customers and the rapidly changing regulatory and business environment it operates in, Zurich Japan recognized the need to enhance its claims handling system to ensure its ability to respond to these demands. After a thorough search, Zurich Japan selected Guidewire’s intuitive, web-based claims solution for its technical and functional capabilities, its ease-of-use and its overall fit with its business vision.  

Zurich Japan engaged Ernst & Young LLP to help with the implementation. Ernst & Young brought local and offshore professionals with the requisite advisory and implementation skills to the project team, and worked closely with Guidewire and Zurich resources to deliver the project to Zurich’s specifications.

The new end-to-end claims management system, which Zurich Japan refers to as Z-Trust, is now processing the company’s auto and motorcycle claims. Z-Trust will be extended to other lines of business in additional phases.

Guidewire ClaimCenter is now enabling Zurich Japan to provide more reassurance to its customers throughout the claims handling process including the ability for customers to self-check claim status online; realize faster claims settlement timeframes for better customer service; respond to customer inquiries in a timely fashion with electronic claim files and centrally managed claim data; and become an environmentally friendly paperless claims organization.

Zurich Switzerland 

Zurich Switzerland has selected Guidewire ClaimCenter as its new platform for all lines of business. Implementation is supported by Guidewire PartnerConnect member EY in close collaboration with Guidewire. As part of a strategic initiative to provide customer service suited to meet current and future needs, Zurich Switzerland wanted a modern system that could enable multi-channel customer interaction, along with improved workflow and related efficiency benefits. It saw in Guidewire ClaimCenter a mature and proven system that would readily integrate with existing systems and support customer interaction across multiple platforms.

Zurich UK 

Zurich has selected Guidewire Software as the provider of a new claims handling platform for its UK General Insurance division. Zurich’s UK General Insurance division is part of Zurich Insurance plc, and supplies personal, commercial and local authority insurance through a variety of distribution channels. The software will be implemented into Zurich’s UK Claims operation by Capgemini Financial Services UK and is part of a multi-year project which will aim to transform claims processing, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience. The platform and implementation plan is intended to reduce manual processing, improve data management and business intelligence for enhanced decision-making and reduce losses due to fraud or leakage.

Guidewire ClaimCenter will ultimately be used to process claims for all of Zurich’s UK Personal Lines, Commercial Broker and Zurich Municipal customers. It will replace multiple legacy systems and various claims processes for different lines of business, with a single web-based system that will provide a consistent service across the company and support its focus on delivering claims handling best practice.

Claims is a critical customer touch point and ClaimCenter will be vital in helping us improve our overall customer experience. ClaimCenter will provide our claims handlers and managers with the system they need to most effectively do their jobs and best serve our customers.
Iain Howie, Chief Operating Officer, Zurich Japan, Zurich Insurance
Guidewire’s technology is enabling us to provide our customers with the high quality service and care that is at the heart of our corporate philosophy. Our claims handlers have a state-of-the-art system to work with and we are better equipped to respond to rapidly changing industry regulations and business needs. ClaimCenter is a highly flexible and intuitive application. With ClaimCenter we gain the technology foundation needed to quickly and most cost effectively serve the needs of our internal business users and of our customers, both now and as our needs evolve.
Amanda Curley, Chief Information Officer, Zurich Japan, Zurich Insurance
We are confident that Guidewire ClaimCenter is the right platform to support us in delivering next generation claims handling service to our customers. While increasing customer engagement, it will also empower our staff to be effective in their roles.
Max Schönholzer, Chief Claims Officer, Zurich Switzerland, Zurich Insurance
ClaimCenter, as a state-of-the-art system, provides us with improved workflow and efficiency benefits and allows us to re-think and improve our service approaches.Upgradeable, it will help us transform our business and ensure we stay up-to-date with evolving technology trends.
Christoph Borgmann, Chief Operating Officer, Zurich Switzerland, Zurich Insurance
The transformation of our claims process shows how committed we are to offering our brokers and customers exceptional service. We need effective low cost management and our customers expect a fast and fair claims handling process – the new system will help us to continue to achieve both. Our claims handlers will also have the opportunity to use a modern claims handling system, which will bring their expertise to bear and help them dedicate more time to helping customers when they need us most.
Tony Emms, Chief Claims Officer, General Insurance, Zurich UK, Zurich Insurance

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