InsuranceNow: The Power of “Small Guidewire”

InsuranceNow: The Power of “Small Guidewire”

Darin Reffitt

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The most exciting part of being a product marketer is undoubtedly learning a new product — delving into its history, understanding the roadmap, speaking with the customers, and exploring the competitive environment. You begin to understand what makes it valuable to customers and how to better message that value. Even if you think that you already understand the product, there are always insights and epiphanies that make developing your expertise less of a checklist to complete and more of a journey on which to embark.

As the newly-assigned product marketer for InsuranceNow here at Guidewire, I’ve been on that very journey for about two months. And “exciting” barely does justice to how wowed I’ve been as I’ve been learning my new product.

Full disclosure: At a former job, I competed against ISCS, the company whose product eventually became InsuranceNow. So I had some understanding of what the product used to be. Moreover, in my previous role at Guidewire I needed a basic understanding of all of our products, without getting too deep into any of them.

So yes, I thought I knew a lot about InsuranceNow. But the more I’ve learned about the product, the more I’ve come to realize that almost everything I thought I knew was wrong or outdated. In fact, I’d argue that InsuranceNow is perhaps the most misunderstood — and underestimated — product in the Guidewire portfolio.

InsuranceNow, fondly referred to as “Small Guidewire” by its customer base (compared to “Big Guidewire,” otherwise known as InsuranceSuite), has always offered an affordable core platform that gives insurers the freedom to focus on innovation and service. Over time, however, that product has continued to evolve into a robust, feature-rich product that grows more substantial with each new release.

For a certain type of insurer, InsuranceNow isn’t just the right solution. It’s actually the best product available for the money. Here’s why:


In a series of upcoming blog posts, I’ll dig deeper into some of the insights I’ve discovered as the new marketing advocate for InsuranceNow. I’ll share details about the features that make InsuranceNow a powerful solution for insurers like you, each feature delivering a key customer benefit:

  • Scalable, Cloud-Native Core — InsuranceNow on Guidewire Cloud Platform

  • Speed of Implementation — InsuranceNow GO and Guidewire Delivery Services

  • Ease of Upgrades — How InsuranceNow Customers Stay Current

  • Synergies with InsuranceSuite — Benefits from Innovations in “Big Guidewire”

In the meantime, you can learn more about InsuranceNow here.