Speed of Implementation: Guidewire Delivery Services and InsuranceNow GO

Speed of Implementation: Guidewire Delivery Services and InsuranceNow GO

Darin Reffitt

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In my last blog post, I wrote about how powerful InsuranceNow is from a technology standpoint — from the all-in-one core to the benefits of running on Guidewire Cloud Platform.

But the strength of InsuranceNow goes beyond its technology. A big factor in the success of any core solution is the implementation, which is where InsuranceNow really comes to life in two areas: Guidewire’s Delivery Services team and InsuranceNow GO, our pre-packaged implementations for specific lines of business.

Guidewire Delivery Services

Albert Einstein famously once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience,” and anyone who has ever worked on a major technology implementation understands the wisdom of that quote. With more than 500 completed projects under their belts, Delivery Services team members bring unparalleled implementation experience and cloud expertise to Guidewire customers.

And customers notice the difference before they’re even our customers. Delivery Services is an integral part of the sales process, gaining a real understanding of a customer’s challenges and goals before the implementation project begins. Understanding customers and meeting them where they’re at make a real difference — especially for InsuranceNow customers, who tend to have fewer dedicated resources available to focus on managing large transformation projects — in areas like requirements gathering, estimation accuracy, and managing scope creep.

Another key area where Guidewire implementations are unique is in transparency. In a previous role, one of my biggest frustrations with implementing new software was being caught off-guard by delays or challenges in the project — things I’d find out about at the 11th hour when it was too late for me to adjust expectations with my management. But since day one, Guidewire has operated with the same core values, one of which is integrity. We believe it’s better to tell the simple truth with our customers so we don’t hide problems. Instead, when there is a problem or delay, we tell the customer as soon as it’s identified and work with them on a solution. To that end, our Delivery Services team reports to client project stakeholders on key metrics every month.

InsuranceNow GO

Introduced in 2019, InsuranceNow GO is Guidewire’s pre-packaged implementation offering that is designed to ensure that customers can handle standard day-to-day insurance operations out of the box with minimal configuration. InsuranceNow GO enables insurers to achieve faster time-to-value, eliminating up to 50% of the time required for a standard implementation. This is achieved with less requirements gathering, less time required for development and testing, and less involvement needed from subject matter experts.

Originally targeted at the auto and homeowners lines of business, InsuranceNow GO is now also available for dwelling, umbrella, and — starting with our recent Elysian release — farm owners insurance. InsuranceNow GO includes everything you need to launch a new or existing line of business, which varies from product to product but generally includes rating and rules, common forms and correspondence, product configurations, test environments, integrations, and more.

Best of all, these pre-packaged implementations are available to explore in the Guidewire Marketplace, the most comprehensive and innovative set of solutions available to P&C insurers.

So what’s next for InsuranceNow GO? We have several new lines of business planned in the InsuranceNow roadmap, with a heavy focus on enabling customers to launch new products on the commercial side. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement in October with our Flaine release.

Speaking of which… In my next blog post, I’ll talk about the ease of upgrading InsuranceNow to the latest cloud release. This upgrade convenience is why more than half of our customers are running on the Banff release or beyond, with more of them upgrading as we speak.

In the meantime, I invite you to learn more about InsuranceNow here.