Nicole Mongillo

Nicole Mongillo is product marketing manager for Guidewire Underwriting Management™, responsible for creating content and messaging for both Underwriting Management and Guidewire’s commercial lines offerings. She also supports sales enablement, marketing, public relations, and analyst relations activities for these subject areas.

Even within P&C Commercial lines, Workers’ Compensation insurance is a unique niche. The stakes, if not higher, are at least different when you’re insuring not buildings and vehicles but human beings. People. Can you imagine a more unpredictable risk, or one that contributes in more ways to your success? ... Read More >
The conversation around insurance underwriting, particularly in complex environments like commercial lines, has been active over the last few years. Underwriting teams are finding it necessary to adapt to a changing universe that requires faster, more accurate quoting. This requires using an ever-growing pool of data resources that are only getting more complex themselves, while also serving as the front line for agent and broker relations. ... Read More >
It’s “just” an application … right? But anyone processing an insurance application would emphatically tell you, “No!” Applications (or submissions) in complex underwriting environments like commercial lines are mammoth packages of multiple large and small documents. Take, for example, ACORD forms. They’re not always complete or exceptionally legible, but they must be painstakingly entered into back-end systems and their data must be validated before an underwriter can even consider beginning the risk assessment. ... Read More >