Phil Iaccarino

Phil Iaccarino is Director of Product/Solution Marketing at Guidewire Software, responsible for InsuranceNow marketing.

Recognizing the technological winds of change, P&C insurers in the post-pandemic era are revising their digital transformation plans, with many accelerating them. I recently spoke with Karen Furtado, Partner at SMA, to explore the topic of two-speed transformation and understand what it means for today’s insurers. ... Read More >
To many in the insurance industry, this question may elicit the familiar phrase, “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.” And for a long time, this was the case—until now.... Read More >
The best days are ahead of us…. This was a key tenet of John O'Leary's keynote presentation at this year's IASA Annual Conference and Business Show in Phoenix, Arizona. It was just one of many sessions featured in the OnPOINT executive education program. OnPOINT was an exclusive event for C-suite executives, held within the broader IASA conference, and designed around the themes of educate, inspire, and motivate.... Read More >
It’s generally understood that agents prefer to work with insurers that are easy to do business with. This typically leads to more business and can establish an insurer as the agents’ “insurer of choice.”... Read More >
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